Brent Ryan – Singer/Songwriter

June 22, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Fredericksburg, TX singer/songwriter BRENT RYAN performs in The Loft at the Uptown At House on Friday June 22 from 7pm-10pm – $5 Admission to The Loft. UAH doors open at 3pm.

I have always been drawn to baseball movies. There is something about the depth of tradition to the game of baseball that brings an almost supernatural element to the sport. That is best exemplified in the movie, The Natural, the story of fictional ballplayer Roy Hobbs who enters in the game all too late in life only to bring magical awe into a dreary team.

While I don’t claim to be the “best player to ever play the game”, so to speak, I suppose I find inspiration in the story of a man who finds himself in the game later than expected.

Music has always been the rhythm of my own life journey, and I began playing music at an early age. But I find myself now in those middle years of life when most are just holding out a bit longer in their careers. Instead, I get to begin a new adventure, one which brings together the musical training of my youth with the stories that can only be birthed out of real- life experience.

Having lived outside of our great state I have an invigorated passion for the musical tapestry woven in Texas. Anything goes, so long as it’s real. Texans can detect the unreal in song like a foreign bandit, and they won’t stand for it. But tell a story, share a feeling, take them on a journey, and the folks around here are always along for the ride. That is the beauty of Texas music, and I hope that as I pick a little, and put my pencil to paper, I can put just a little melody into that symphony that our great state has been composing for generations.
Thank you for coming along on the ride.” – Brent Ryan

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